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Waiari E-News Sept 2019

Kia ora,

Sun, rain, pollen and wind… on repeat cycles, for the next month or two. It is fair to say spring is on its way, yet the unsettled weather is a clear sign that mother nature is running the show around here. All the rainfall is also setting the region into good stead for summer and water needs in the Bay of Plenty.

Rainfall depth taken from Kaituna at Te Matai for the month of August, Source: BOPRC Live monitoring

In this issue you will find:

Updates on construction

Kaituna Action Plan draft

Intake and Access Road Construction Update

Weed control finished and planting on the steepest slopes has started and will continue over the next 2-3 weeks.

First drill holes for the pipe to go in from intake site to top of the hill completed, installation of first pipe planned for this week, weather dependant.

Next week a container will arrive as a workshop for welding.

The preparation of the site that will hold the intake facility is on hold due to the equipment for drilling being located in this site.

Water Treatment Plant Site:

A plan for setting the foundation for the Water Plant site is under review.

Removal of equipment will commence shortly in preparation of the ground improvements.

A heads up, as there will be an increase in truck movements once this part of the project starts.

Reservoir to Reservoir Pipeline:

The installation of pipeline and valves continues on Welcome Bay Road and Te Puke Highway.

Traffic management is still in place supported by electronic boards to help slow traffic down  on Te Puke Highway. Again, our sincere thank you for your continued patience.

Construction sites Reservoir to reservoir, Welcome Bay Road (left) Te Puke Highway (right)

Traffic Management Update

- Welcome Bay Road site has now been scaled back. Traffic management will remain manual during working hours.

- With the progress made on Te Puke Highway, the slipway from Poplar Lane will be opened in the next couple of weeks, once resealing of the long slip lane is completed.

- We understand some frustration of what may appear as slow progress, but rest assured, our contractor HEB staff are working tirelessly to complete this project as fast as possible. Many unforeseen circumstances play into the timeline such as archaeological findings, wet weather and reinstatement of the road - which can’t be completed with high moisture levels.

- Important to note that police have increased patrolling the construction sites.

Te Puke Highway spotlight on traffic management:

Check out a little vid from The Breeze, Tauranga, on the Te Puke Highway site Have you seen the hubcap wall? Please note, this video can only be viewed in facebook

On Tuesday 27 August the police were onsite with lasers monitoring speed. Here is ‘The breeze’ at the construction site with police, note the speed limit is 30km/hr.

Mark and Jolene 'The Breeze' on site Te Puke Highway This can only be viewed in Facebook, alternatively here is the newspaper article:

New Zealand Herald article - Speeding drivers

Update on tenders

No.1 Road pipeline construction

- We are excited to announce we have made an award of the pipeline construction. Smythe construction will be heading this construction

- Resident meeting has been scheduled for 25th September at 5pm. A notice will be in the letterboxes in the next few days.

Farm property pipeline

- This pipeline contract is still under evaluation, a decision on these will be expected soon.

- There are many details for this project that need to be finalised and we hope to be able to share these with you soon.

- Once these contracts have been awarded, and we can confirm the construction plan and timeline, we will publicise both and arrange public meetings to explain and discuss these with you.

Archaeological findings

- A few weeks ago a large Miden was unearthed.

- It was so large that it took two days for the archaeologist to classify and record.

- Another Miden was discovered early on in this project, at the corner of Poplar Lane.

- We have cultural earth monitors onsite to manage the process around such findings.

Wonderful Waiāri


Monique attended the Kaituna Action Plan draft ’Have your say’ event. The draft Action Plan  Te Tini a Tuna, outlines priority actions over the next ten years to deliver on the Kaituna River Document - to improve the health, well-being and mauri of the Kaituna River and its tributaries. Some of which will link directly to the Waiāri Stream and catchment management plan. Find out more here: Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority. Here are some photos from the event.

Youth into Kiwifruit Programme

The intention of this e-news is to provide information on our project, but every now and then information that is entirely unrelated passes our desk that we feel may be of interest or benefit to the community. Like this may be for any young person who interested in a career path or training in the kiwifruit industry:

He Tūranga Mō Te Mahi is a fully funded programme that prepares youth (16-19 years) to enter the primary industry sector and horticulture industry. This programme is a 16 week course focusing on the soft skills required to function successfully in the workplace as well as acquire basic horticultural trade skills. Our course can provide paid work experience while helping you gain National Qualification and achieve your NCEA Level 2 Credits.

Pastoral care is provided throughout the student journey which includes a pick-up and drop-off service for the duration of the programme and meals provided. Successful graduates will be provided opportunities for possible employment throughout the programme and gain the New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2) on completion. Enquire here

Waiāri Water Supply Scheme

If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll update you regularly on the progress of the works. If there is anyone else you think should be included in these updates, please let us know, so we can keep them updated via email or phone 07 577 7000.

You can also find more information atāri

Ngā mihi

Jennifer Pearson and the rest of the Waiāri Water Supply Project team


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