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About Tapuika

The Tapuika Iwi Authority is the post settlement governance entity (PSGE) for the Tapuika settlement achieved in June 2014 under the Tapuika Claims Settlement Act 2014. The role of the Tapuika Iwi Authority is to:

  • receive, hold and manage the settlement assets on behalf of the descendants of Tapuika

  • report to Tapuika tribal members at the Annual General meeting on developments in relation to the management of Tapuika settlements assets and future plans

  • form strategic relationships and initiatives with the Crown its agencies and the private sector to meet the needs of Tapuika tribal members

  • representation on the Statutory Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority as set out in the Tapuika Claims Settlement Act 2014.

Tapuika Oranga Ake (previously known as Tapuika Fisheries Trust) is the mandated Iwi Organisation (MIO) under the fisheries Act and also the Charitible arm of the Tapuika Group.Both organizations have the same trustees and are run in parallel.   The Fisheries assets are held by Tapuika Holdings limited which sits under the MIO and has a seperate board of directors

‘Mai i ngā pae maunga, ki te toropuke e tū kau mai rā, ki te awa e rere mai ana. Waiho te whenua e takoto mai rā: Ko te takapū o taku tamaiti, o Tapuika Nui a Tia’

Our vision is that of Tapuika living successfully as Tapuika in the land claimed by our ancestor Tia

Poua ki te rangi, poua ki te whenua Tēnei mātau e tū atu nei He uri nō Tapuika  Tīhei mauri ora!

Our core purpose is to support and advance the descendants of Tapuika while protecting and enhancing our Takapū

Core Values

Organisation Structure


The Trustees comprise 2 elected representatives from each hapu and 3 elected Tapuika representative taurahere from the northern and central north island and south island. Each trustee serves a term of 3 years before retiring or seeking re-election. Trustee elections are held by postal ballot of the relevant hapu or tribal members.

The current trustees are:

Ngati Tuheke: Daniel Nathan, Jo'el Komene

Ngati Moko: Hori Ahomiro, Ashley Biel

Ngati Marukukere: Raiha Biel, Vance Skudder (Interim Chair)

Ngati Kuri: Tanisha McNeill, Pia Callaghan

Northern Taurahere Trustee: (Vacant)

Central North Island Taurahere Trustee: Aroha Beck

South Island Taurahere Trustee: Katie Le Roux

Operations / Management

The Operations Unit are responsible for the provision of secretarial, administrative, financial, natural/ environmental resource management, reporting, maintaining key relationships and developing & delivering projects in line with our Strategic & Annual Plan for the Tapuika Iwi Authority, Tapuika Oranga Ake & Tapuika Holdings Ltd.

The operational arm of Tapuika is headed by our Pou Ārahi - Chief Executive, Andy Gowland-Douglas.  

Kaunihera Koeke:

The Tapuika Kaunihera Koeke are the experts in Tapuika reo, whakapapa, history, customs and traditional practice. Representatives of the Tapuika Kaunihera Koeke meet with the Tapuika Iwi Authority at least once a year to discuss cultural matters pertaining to Tapuika and to clarify Tapuika customary practice. 


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