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Kaharoa Kokako Trust Update - July 2023

From Graeme at Kaharoa Kokako Trust:

Hi Everyone.

First a bit of news.  We have almost had the road closure sorted.  Currently there is only walking access to Aislabie block but DOC’s roading contractors have the road ready, waiting for it to dry out, so they can put the road metal on it.

We are about 90% of the way completing constructing of a fence to create an area to exclude ungulates (goats, pigs and deer) so we can use it as a vegetation plot and also track the regeneration of the forest understory to demonstrate how much these animals affect the quality of the forest.

BOPRC have located the wallaby living on the boundary between Pinnacles Forest and the Onaia East block.  It is a lonely (non-pregnant) female that has been there for a couple of years.  It’s days are numbered!

Here is the planned workdays for our pest control operation.

Please slot these dates into your diary.  We will need every pair of hands (and legs) that we can get. Many of those Saturdays will end up being completed on the next day as well if history teaches us anything.

And now the work day.

On Saturday 29th we are going to attempt another go at clearing the sides and height of overhanging foliage on our access road over the stretch from the end of Kapukapu Road to J track where we plan to install a storage container.  There is also a tree down across BC track (near the shelter) which would be good to clear from the track.  But come prepared with your best loppers, and pole saws (if you have one).

As usual we will kick off at 9am at the shelter (796 Kapukapu Road) and can you please reply to this email if you intend to come.

Thank you all.

Graeme Young


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