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Trustee Elections 2024

Tapuika Iwi Authority and Tapuika Oranga Ake - Hapū Representative Trustees

UPDATE - 8 May 2024

The Tapuika Iwi Authority & Tapuika Oranga Ake wish to announce that there were single nominations for the following hapū:

·         Ngāti Kurī – Pia Callaghan

·         Ngāti Moko – Hori Ahomiro

·         Ngāti Tūheke – Jo’el Komene

As there are single nominations for each of these hapū positions, those who have been nominated are deemed to have been duly elected for a term of 3 years starting 1 July 24 ending on 30 June 2027.

Two nominations were received for the 1 available Ngāti Marukukere hapū seat which means an election needs to be held.  The candidates are:

Understanding election steps

A formal election notice will follow by either post or email within the next 7 days.  As per the changes made to our deed in 2023 the voting will be via either online ballot (Please ensure you have created an account to access our secure voting portal) OR post / ballot box on the day. 

Only adult registered members of Ngāti Marukukere Hapū will be eligible to vote. Each ballot will be identifiable by Membership ID number only, as its a secret ballot.  There is strictly one vote per registered member.  

A General Meeting will be held - 8 June where the in person - ballot box voting will be available. The meeting is for this express purpose, a polling booth will be setup for whānau to vote in, no other business to be discussed. 

The Elections Ballot Box will be held at the Tapuika Iwi Authority Offices, Level 1, 46 Jellicoe St, Te Puke and you will be able to place votes between 10 am and 12 pm, at which point the booth will close and the remaining votes will be counted by our independent returning officers from Te Puni Kōkiri.

All postal votes will need to be post-dated by the 7 June,  the day prior to the election.  7 days will be allowed after this date for the receipt of postal votes. We recommend posting your voting papers as soon as possible as we have experienced posting delays previously.   

If you intend to vote via the YourIwi platform, you will need to be both a) Tapuika Iwi Authority registered AND b) have an active YourIwi account.

All Online votes will need to be placed by 5pm on the 7 June.   

Preliminary results will be released on by 6pm on Saturday 8 June 

Final results will be published on Friday 14 June 


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