Post Governance Settlement Entity

The Tapuika Fisheries Trust (TFT) is the Mandated Iwi Organization (MIO) and Iwi Aquaculture Organization (IAO) under the Maori fisheries Act 2004. This means that that Tapuika fisheries settlement assets (being income shares in Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd and fisheries settlement
quota) are held by the Tapuika Fisheries Trust.

In addition the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004 provides Iwi Aquaculture Organizations with 20% of all new aquaculture space created from 1 January 2005. The settlement also provides iwi with the equivalent of 20% of existing aquaculture space (called “pre-commencement space”) created between 21 September 1992 - 31December 2004.

The Tapuika Fisheries Trust as an IAO will be entitled to a proportion all new aquaculture space and existing aquaculture space or pre-commencement space allocated to all IAO in the Bay of Plenty.  

The Trust is awaiting the transfer of Tapuika Fisheries Assets from Te Kotahitanga o Te Arawa Fisheries. Once the assets have been received the Fisheries Trust will register as a Charitable Trust.

The Fisheries Trust is also currently involved in the discussions with BOP IAO in relation to the formula for the distribution of existingand new aquaculture space in the Bay of Plenty.

Trustees are elected for a term of 3 years. The current Trustees are:

Ngati Tuheke: Dean Flavell, Joe’l Komene

Ngati Moko: Hori Ahomiro, Bryce Kihirini

Ngati Marukukere: Raiha Biel, John Pini

Ngati Kuri: Heketua Roberts, Rawiri Biel

Northern taurahere Trustee: Vacant

Central North Island taurahere Trustee: Geoff Rice

South Island taurahere Trustee: Ateremu McNeill (Deputy Chair)

Organisation Structure

Iwi Register

The Tapuika Fisheries Trust is responsible for maintaining and growing the Tapuika Iwi Register. It is important that members enrol on the Tapuika Iwi Register in order to receive the benefits from commercial fishing distributed through the Tapuika Fisheries Trust. 
You can register online, with confirmation received following confirmation from the Tapuika Validation Committee.

Tapuika Holdings Ltd

Tapuika Holdings Ltd (THL) is a subsidiary of the Tapuika Fisheries Trust and is the Asset Holding Company (ACE) required under the Maori fisheries Act 2004 to manage and hold Tapuika Iwi settlement quota and Moana Pacific (Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd) income shares. Each year THL will receive their share of the annual catch entitlement (ACE) which can be on sold in the market.

THL intends to join a collective of ACE to maximise the return in commercial fisheries once the transfer of fisheries assets from Te Kotahitanga o Te Arawa is completed this year. 

The Directors of THL are appointed by the Tapuika Fisheries Trust and are:

Ateremu McNeill – Chair

Richard Jones – Director

Di Rump – Director

Kaunihera Koeke

In accordance with the TFT Deed of Trust the
Tapuika Kaunihera Koeke advise the TFT on cultural matters pertaining to
Tapuika and clarify Tapuika customary practice particularly in relation
to fisheries and the Iwi register. Representatives of the Tapuika
Kaunihera Koeke are appointed to the Registration Validation Committee
and the Disputes Committee. 
Members of the Tapuika Kaunihera Koeke are not permitted to be Trustees or operational staff of the Tapuika Iwi Authority.

Current members of the Tapuika Kaunihera Koeke are:
Rereamanu Wihapi (Chair), Te Papara Marsh, Te Tapua Te Amo, Wharekonehu Te Moni, Huakiwi Te Amo, Heeni Potene

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