Annual Dothistroma Spraying Programme

Hancock Forest Management would like to advise the commencement of the annual Dothistroma spraying programme over Hancock Forest Management forests in the BOP/ Mamaku/ Te Teko/ Murupara / Taupo / Rotoiti regions. This will involve an aerial operations, commencing on Monday 30/11/2020. This could potential run through till 12/12/2020 weather permitting.

Hancock Forest Management undertakes this task to combat the spread and treat the infection of the fungal disease Dothistroma pini.

The infection is treated by aerial spraying susceptible forests with a Cuprous Oxide, mineral spray oil and water solution and applied at 5 litres per hectare. The mixture is a Copper fungicide and is non toxic.

Should you have any further quest please do not hesitate to call.


John Wyllie