Tangihanga Update: Advice for Marae and Communities

In order for a funeral and tangihanga with over 10 people to take place, the funeral director at any venue involved (including marae), must have a health and safety plan which takes into account the guidelines for the current alert level. It should be shared with family and whānau so that they are aware of any restrictions and/or requirements in relation to the service and cultural safety rules, such as protocols and procedures of marae. It should also be displayed so that it is easily viewed by all people who visit the premises.

Use this form in PDF or Word format to document your thinking about how everyone attending a funeral or a tangihanga will keep safe in a world of COVID-19. Provide as much information in response to each question as possible.

Here is an example provided by one marae here in the Bay of Plenty.

You can also visit the Ministry of Health website here to get more information on Tangihanga guidelines.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation – review your plan regularly and make changes as required

For support in filling this form or for any other question related to this kaupapa, feel free to contact the Hapū Hauora team: Hapu.Hauora@bopdhb.govt.nz

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