Important notice from MOE conserving ngā tamariki returning to kura.

To Return to Kura or Not

The MoE is examining what Level 3 Covid Restrictions looks like for all levels of the education system. Schools and Early Childhood Education Centres (including Kohanga Reo) are currently operating on information that is being furbished to the MoE by the Public Health and the MoH. It is urged that whanau need to take the following points into consideration when thinking about sending your tamaiti/riki back to kura:

  • Is your child well or do they have serious pre-existing medical conditions? If your child has a condition such as Asthma, Diabetes, Immunosuppression, they should continue to stay at home. Additionally, if your tamaiti/riki are showing any signs of a Flu Like Illness, they should be kept at home and isolated. Ring your hauora and talk about their care with your GP.
  • Does the kura have the adequate number of staff to supervise your child? ECE centres need to meet the 'ratio' and some of the staff will be staying at home themselves due to pre-existing health conditions as well as other issues. Therefore, the Centre might not have enough staff to cope with the number of tamariki who may show up. You need to check with your Centre to see if this applies to you and your whanau.
  • If you want to continue keeping your child/ren at home, what can our whanau do to ensure their education is not being negatively affected? If you have not done so already, make contact with your Kura and ask about online learning, distance learning options and potentially accessing supports to allow your whanau to get this going. Staying in touch with your kura is critical to ensure our tamariki are continuing with their learning.