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There is a limited amount of Tapuika Beanies available for purchase. They will be available from Monday 12 September 2022 until stocks last.

Price for Tapuika beanie: $15.00

You are welcome to fill out the form if you would like to reserve some beanies so we can put them aside for you. You can also drop into the office and purchase them directly. 

We are doing cash sales only. You will be able to pick them up from the Tapuika Iwi Authority office from the 12th September 2022. If you live outside the Takapū we suggest you organise your whānau to pay and collect from the office for you - we won't be doing postage at this time. Please be aware if you do not collect your beanies in a timely manner your order may be overturned so other whānau have a chance to purchase.

Other merchandise coming soon.

Other inquiries please email, call or drop into the office. 


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